Hypoallergenic Flooring

Decorative ceramic, and synthetic stone floorings are often considered hypoallergenic flooring options, because of their smooth and hard surfaces. However, if you have a high quality carpet in your home and you also have stone or ceramic tiles in your home then you have a unique opportunity to create an invisible barrier between your carpet and your stone or ceramic floor. In addition, floor coverings made from natural stone and wood products such as solid wood flooring, laminate floor coverings, and even some types of stone veneers work well to create this type of barrier. Because dust mites are unable to thrive in these types of barriers, your home’s environment is left cleaner and much healthier.

Where you need Hypoallergenic Flooring?

For those individuals who suffer from allergies, there are now a wide variety of hypoallergenic carpet and floor coverings available on the market. In fact, some of these products are designed specifically with people who have allergies in mind. Hypoallergenic luxury vinyl flooring is one of these products, which can be used in homes with allergy-prone individuals. Hypoallergenic luxury vinyl flooring is made by companies who make sure that no allergens are accidentally introduced into the vinyl floor covering by using certain types of vacuums or cleaners.

The two most popular choices in hypoallergenic flooring include bamboo and laminate flooring. Bamboo is the most hypoallergenic flooring option available on the market, but laminate flooring is second only to bamboo in terms of hypoallergenic qualities. Laminate floorings are made with a special low VOC formula which allows them to remain relatively scratch free when they are placed on hardwoods or marble. In addition, laminate floorings are much easier to clean than many other flooring on the market today. For this reason, laminate floorings are often the first choice of homeowners who are trying to improve the quality of their flooring while still protecting their family members from allergens.

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