Yeast infection can be a frustrating experience. Whether you suffer from vaginitis or a menstrual yeast infection, finding the best probiotic for yeast infection can make a difference to your symptoms and your overall health.

Should You Take Probiotics for Vaginal Health?

The best probiotic for yeast infection should contain a single strain of bacteria that can help fight yeast infections, rather than many different microorganisms. This helps ensure that you aren’t getting more of the bad bacteria than good, and can prevent a condition like Candida from taking over your gut.

Probiotics can also be helpful if you are on antibiotics as they help prevent antibiotic-induced disturbance to the balance of your gut microbiome. This is especially important if you take antibiotics long term or regularly.

One of the key benefits of probiotics is that they can strengthen the lining of your stomach and digestive tract, preventing gaps in the walls and keeping yeast and other pathogens from making their way into your system. This means you can avoid re-occurring problems, such as UTIs or bacterial vaginosis.

You can also reduce inflammation and improve energy levels with the right probiotics. These help to re-strengthen your gut and balance your body’s pH level, so you can feel your best every day.

There are many probiotic supplements on the market, but you should be sure to read the label carefully and look for ones that have been proven safe and effective for you. You should also avoid those that contain ingredients such as wheat, dairy or nuts as these could be harmful to your gut health.

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