Longboard brands come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, with each having their own features that help the rider maximize his performance. Most onboard brands today are very accessible because of the growing popularity of longboarding; therefore, longboarders do not have to spend so much on getting the right longboard for them. Although there are still many longboard brands that have been around for a very long time, there are new ones emerging every day. These newer brands definitely offer much better features compared to the brands which came much later. Some of these brands are Bannockburn, Burton, Beringer, Creek, Diamondback, East Coast, Fruehauf, G and Garage, Haro, Jugs, Landice, Landscaping, Mark, Mattress Firm, Mother Nature, Okidata, Pearl Izumi, Projekti, Serious, and Stone. Read more https://www.landroverbar.com/best-longboards-for-cruising/

On the Prowl for the Best Longboards

The best longboard brands usually stick with durable plastic composite materials for the frames, which are much stronger and lighter than steel. They also use well-crafted, lightweight but strong trucks for steering and stability. Good longboard brands include Ride and Roll, Longitude, Ralide, and Thule. Although most longboard brands tend to produce very similar longboards, it is still important to check out the latest trends in longboarding such as what features are becoming popular and which brands are making a splash in the market.

Longboard trucks are also very important for longboarding. Good trucks help minimize wheel squat and increase wheel grip between turns to provide smoothness and speed control for beginners. Trucks such as the Slick triple tree, the Slick five, and the Slick seven have proven to be very good flex machines for cruising. Trucks such as the Ride and Roll dual matched trucks are also good flex machines for beginners.

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