Dental plates are used in the practice of orthodontics to keep the mouth open in various positions. These are commonly made of metal such as bronze, copper, steel, gold and other metals, and come in many different shapes and sizes. The metal is used to hold the teeth in different positions so that the dentist can perform various types of treatment for your teeth. There are two main types of plate: fixed and removable.

dental plates

Dental Plates – What Are They?

Dental plates come in two styles: fixed and removable. With the aid of fixed dental plates you can make an area for one or more teeth to be fixed. This style of plate has a hinge that can be screwed or bent into a position where it holds the dentures. Unlike any other orthodontic procedure method, fixed plates have very few advantages over removable plates: Advantage: Can be easily taken out; Disadvantages: No more treatment options available, so are not ideal for complex cases. On the other hand, when there are removable plates you can replace them and move them about whenever you like.

Dental plates are available in several materials such as gold, silver, bronze and steel. The main advantage with gold plates is the colour, which is white, gold is the hardest of all metals and is therefore less likely to wear down. This means that they are best suited for children’s dental treatment. Bronze plates are also very popular and have the advantage of not being subject to wear and tear. However, these plates are more costly than the others. Gold and silver plates are still affordable, but are not very popular due to their expensive price.

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