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Wondering where to get a comfortable pillow? While ninety percent of Americans express a belief that a comfortable pillow is vital for a good, restful night’s sleep, just over 70 percent say it’s difficult to find a comfortable pillow available at an affordable price. Cheap pillow varieties lined the shelves years ago, stuffed with cheap polyester, manufactured overseas. Now, they’re out and about, but these are the kinds that don’t offer the support you need to really feel like you’re sleeping on the best possible surface. Find out –

Getting a Comfortable Pillow For Sleep

It’s not enough to simply purchase a comfortable pillow – you need to sleep on one. Most people who have ever suffered through tossing and turning in their sleep never actually made it to the actual dream state, instead they were tossing and turning, not getting a good night’s rest. The majority of people sleep on hard surfaces, like a bed or a couch, and pillow tops, mattresses and pillows are not designed for sleeping on a soft surface. As soon as you slip into bed, your entire body is contorted and uncomfortable. If you could only get to sleep by rolling onto your side, or by sleeping on your stomach, you’d wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated instead of feeling like a sack of potatoes.

It’s all about proper support. A good night’s rest is about your neck and your head, getting the right kind of support so that your spine can align itself correctly, and this is easier said than done. Unfortunately, pillows aren’t designed specifically for sleeping on your back, so you have to turn up the construction and the softness to get it just right. Your neck needs to be supported as well, so many manufacturers create pillows that have slats instead of holes to hold the neck and head in place, which results in them slipping over time and creating an uncomfortable feeling. Pillows and mattresses should be designed with your health and your back in mind, and there are plenty of options to choose from to make sure that you get the best sleep possible at all times.

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