A grand piano is actually one of two kinds of grand piano: upright and grand. An upright piano is a smaller, thinner piano than a grand piano, often only having about three or four keys. It typically has a shallow, circular soundbox, which extends outward from the piano’s keyboard in a unique, sweeping, diagonal shape.

Grand Piano Vs Uprights – The Key Difference

The deeper, bulkier grand piano, a grand piano for sale, is a traditional instrument that can have a deeper, richer sound than its upright counterparts. It usually weighs more, is made from wood, and is less portable than its upright counterparts. Grand pianos are also often associated with rich, exotic brands, or are highly sought after because they are much older than the other models of upright pianos. Their sturdiness and history as well as their cost make them great choices for people looking for a grand piano for sale.

However, there is another kind of grand piano for sale – the electric piano. Electric pianos, like their grand piano cousins, are thinner and lighter than traditional pianos and play much louder. They are not appropriate for beginners or those who do not yet have great dexterity in playing keys and strumming chords because they are easier to master and require less practice to master. Electric pianos are commonly played by professional pianists.

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