You can check email from almost anywhere — at home, on the go, and even in a public library. But it can be tough to know where to start, and there are a few things you should keep in mind when accessing your email.

How to Check Gmail

The easiest way to how check email is to open up a web browser on a desktop computer and enter your Gmail address in the labeled field. You can also add your Gmail address to a mobile device by downloading and logging into the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.

How to Check Email with Microsoft Outlook

Use Microsoft Outlook to check your Gmail, Yahoo, or other email accounts from your computer. You can choose to view all of your email, or select specific messages in your account for easier searching.

How to Check Your Email for Important Messages: Tips and Best Practices

You can use the Gmail mobile app or iPhone Mail app to check your email on a smartphone or tablet. You can also log into your Gmail account on a mobile device using the web browser and then press Everything (iPhone) or Inbox (Android).

How to Check Your Email with a Desktop Application

Most desktop applications allow you to check your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account from your computer. These include Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mac OS X’s Mail.

When setting up your account, be sure to enter your Gmail address and password. This will prevent other users from being able to access your account.

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