“Jac + Mooksi: A story of authentic 100 percent GOTS certified organic ingredients, born out of a desire to make timeless clothes which last a life time. We are delighted to partner with certified manufacturers around the globe who are committed to respecting human rights, the environment and continually reducing our carbon footprint.” Jac and mooki International is owned byiblings Marie-Pouhon and Yannick Lapraere and was founded by their aunt and cousin-in-law Carolina Rouzet-Roussillon and her husband, Christian Lacroix. The clothes which are made are all organic and have been created to last for years.

A Story About an Organic Fashion Brand

jac and mooki

Jacque & Mooki were launched in the spring of 2021 and have so far sold out their entire inventory. The brand’s unique selling point is that the clothes are made from organic, biodegradable material and are machine washable at home, making them an environmentally friendly and socially responsible choice for everyone to wear. They have become so popular with people of different ages and backgrounds that they have expanded their range to include menswear, swimwear, children’s wear, men’s wear and luxury items as well. The range of accessories which they produce is also popular amongst fashion conscious consumers who want to look good and stay in style.

Jacque & Mooki International is run on a small family owned company basis and the owner, Yannick Lapraere, lives in France. She has been designing clothes for young people all over the world since she was a teenager and her designs have caught the attention of celebrity names such as Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Anna Kournikova, Pamela Anderson and Victoria Beckham. The story behind the organic brand is that the founder, Yannick was inspired to launch it when she saw first hand the damage being done to the environment by the traditional clothing industry. By starting the company with her son, Jacque, she wanted to give a green alternative to the fast-paced, disposable fashion industry. It is a refreshing concept which encourages young people to use their creative imaginations and not to turn their backs on the “help society” label.

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