There are many different things that can be known as “more information on tattoos.” The term is actually used in the medical community to mean the detailed, up to date and definitive description of a particular type of tattoo and its meaning. Most medical books are filled with information about different types of tattoos and their meanings; however, the term itself has a wider and more inclusive meaning than just medical books do. This article will provide more information on tattoos in general by going over the term itself.

What makes tattoos permanent? – Claudia Aguirre

A tattoo is basically a form of body alteration where ink is placed into the skin, usually permanent or temporary, to alter the color of the pigment, dye or inks used. The word tattoo was first used in the 1920’s, which makes it one of the oldest forms of tattooing known to man. Tattoos have been a part of our culture for centuries now and have had a great impact on the way we see ourselves and what we believe about ourselves.

Today, tattoo designs are constantly being developed and redefined. The most popular designs used nowadays are tribal and Celtic tattoos. These designs are usually found on the face, arm and back of women, while men seem to favour lower leg, foot and arm tattoos.

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