A roof truss is an engineered structure with joints that form a triangular pattern. The triangular pattern helps the truss handle the load placed on it. It is typically constructed with a lower edge member that carries the combined bending and tension stresses. This lower edge member should be strong enough to support the load and provide a level of security.

Is it cheaper to build or buy roof trusses?

The top chord is located on the upper edge of the truss and is generally horizontal, although sometimes it may be inclined. The bottom chord, or heel, is located at the intersection of the top and bottom chords. When it carries any ceiling load, the bottom chord may also be under stress. The top chord is also connected to the bottom chord with web bracing.

The largest disadvantage of trusses is their cost, since they need to be shipped in a semi-truck and must be installed by a crane. In addition, the space beneath the truss is limited. It won’t leave much room to use as an attic crawl space or for holiday decorations.

Roof trusses are a popular option for home construction. They provide excellent strength and distribute the weight evenly. Because the weight of a roof is not concentrated on the interior walls, the roof truss is lighter and can be moved if necessary. This makes the construction of a home safer.

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