Moses baskets and stands are great pieces of outdoor decor that can last for many years. Unfortunately, they can also be quite flimsy when it comes to securing them to your sturdy deck. When looking for a Moses basket and stand, you should make sure that you take the following tips into consideration. Although the basket itself is very durable, it does sag over time if you don’t secure it correctly. In this article we will show you how to tighten up this versatile piece of deck furniture so you don’t have to fear it falling apart any time soon. Click here to Read more information.

Don’t Fall For This Moses Basket And Stand Scam

One of the most common problems that people have with Moses baskets and stands is that the elastic straps break or slip. The most likely cause here is that the mattress is lying on uneven ground, or worse yet, is lying on its side and in the wrong direction. To fix this, you need to put two pieces of wood between the mattress and the stand. Ideally, you want something sturdy and flat such as dry plywood or even cardboard. Once you have attached these two pieces of wood, you should then tape them together to form a strong barrier between the two.

If your Moses Basket and stand happen to be on a slope, you should ensure that you are putting it on its side instead of on its back. To do this, lay the cot bed on its side and then secure it onto the wooden blocks. Once this is done, you should put one end of a rope on the other end, tie it off and then loop the rope around the second post of the cot bed. This way ensures that the Moses basket doesn’t sit on its head any longer, which could cause the mattress to become ruined. If you haven’t got a flat surface available, or if you simply prefer a different type of material, these methods will still work.

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